We the North

To give you a bit of context I am a white male in my 30’s. I grew up in Simcoe Ontario and I am making efforts to be aware of the privilege that I was born into.
My wife is from Six Nations and our daughter is here everyday at her grandparents house while my wife and I are at work.

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List of things for doing in my garden

Ask Kitty
Dear Kitty,
I have the September list of things for doing in my garden — is there a new list of chores for October? Or do I carry on with the same things to do?
Loving the Garden Directions
Dear Loving,
I am so glad you are enjoying the chores in your garden as autumn approaches.

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St. Serra the Monster

Last week, Pope Francis declared 18th century California missionary Junipero Serra a saint in a move that some news outlets called ‘controversial’. On Monday, a stone idol of St. Serra, also in California, was toppled and other Catholic monuments defaced with paint.

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Tewasarake – Love is like rain

By Bubzy Martin
War and Peace, male and female, left handed and right handed twins. In the spirit of the Two Row Wampum. In the duality of Creation. Too much water puts out the fire and too much fire steams the water.
Our ancestors were very complex but simple.

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