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Santee Smith inspires on her journey

At the front of the Woodland Cultural Centre auditorium, 3-year-old Vivien Menoz-Johnson, a ballet student herself, twirled, bounced and danced. She was beaming in anticipation of Santee Smith’s performance of Re-Quickening last Saturday night.
“Oh, she was just like me at her age,” laughs Santee after her program.

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Celebrating Ongwehowe Authors (Continued)

The Rotinonshonni: A Traditional Iroquoian History Through the Eyes of Teharonhia:wako and Sawiskera by Mohawk scholar Brian Rice offers a comprehensive history based on the oral traditions of the Rotinonshonni Longhouse People, also known as the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois. Drawing upon J. N. B.

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Morningstar Mercredi is an accomplished author who wrote about her unflinching personal journey of abuse, racism and her triumph over trauma and childhood sexual exploitation in her memoir ‘Morningstar, A Warrior’s Spirit’.

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